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Mission Statement

Nourished for Nil was formed in 2017 to rescue food so there is nil waste in the Hawkes Bay, and redistribute this food within our community.

We are dedicated to achieving Zero Food Waste in the Hawke’s Bay region.


  • To operate an effective service that stops food that is waste/surplus from going to waste
  • To sustainably and consistently redistribute surplus foods and nourish our community
  • To establish a place where volunteers can participate in giving back to the community & build relationships
  • To create an environment that promotes inclusion and sharing where everyone is welcome
  • The idea of a Nourished for Nil was born after hearing of similar successful initiatives within NZ
  • Our team of volunteers is committed to making this project just as successful in Hawke’s Bay according to our Mission.

Food Safety

Nourished for Nil takes food safety seriously.

Therefore we set out to do our best to ensure that all donated food is fit for consumption.

We are guided by the FSANZ definitions:

  • Use-by date: For health and safety reasons, certain foods with a use-by must be eaten on or before the specified date. Nourished for Nil will ensure that donated foods that exceed the use-by date are disposed of appropriately.
  • Best Before Date: Foods with a ‘best before’ date may still be legally sold provided the food is fit for human consumption. Donated foods in this category are inspected to ensure that packaging is intact. Where there is doubt about packaging integrity or product quality, the food is disposed of appropriately.
  • Canned foods, sterilised and UHT-treated products: These are recognised as being safe indefinitely. However, all donated foods in this category are inspected to ensure packaging has not been compromised. Where packaging is damaged, the food is disposed of appropriately.
  • Specific storage conditions: Where a donated food requires refrigeration (e.g. yoghurt, meat, etc), every effort is made to maintain the specified storage conditions.
  • Donated foods from gardens: We don’t mind bumps and bruises, but fruit or vegetables that are squashed or rotten will go into the compost bin!

We also have a comprehensive cleaning regime that is carried out by our volunteers to ensure our premise, including our refrigerators, are kept clean to a high standard.

Latest News

Sponsor Spotlight: Melt & Co

Nourished for Nil's food rescue mission wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our food sponsors.  One of these being Havelock North icecreamery Melt & Co. Melt

Article from the Hastings Leader

“If you are ashamed of going yourself for this type of handout,, think of a neighbor, who is unable to take advantage of ‘nourished for nil” and go check it out for them. I saw kids giggling over a cream bun, workmen enjoying a yummy sandwich and some, who hesitated for a long time on the other side of the street, before having the courage to see for themselves. The volunteers wore gloves when handling food, which was kept cool and fresh in chilly bins. They were LOTS of smiles.

Spread the good word: this is a wonderful venture.”

E. Knausenberger

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”

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